Alted Y AmorósMFS




Alted y Amoros has more than 36 years of experience producing stones. We stated in 1982, being the first company from Spain beginning to export to all over the world.

We have provided the very best marble, limestone, sandstone, slate, onyx and other stones for over more than 3 decades.  Over the years we have been one of most expert and reliable company in the business.

We are helping customers by giving high quality and fast service. Complete loads on lorries or containers, as well as partial delivers to Europe or any Country is possible. We do every week door to door fast deliveries.




We are committed to offer the highest quality.

To compete you don’t just need to have the same stone as others, you do need to have the very best.

Our clients know that we think in a different way others do.  Some excuse themselves saying: “stone is natural and we are doing the best we can”, no, this is not sufficient. We make the difference in the Stone Business.  

Trust is most important factor. We are what we do, not what we say.

We make our actions reflect our words.

Our clients and projects speak for us.

The management team,

Ernesto Alted  and José Luis Amorós